A Historic worksite from ABQ’s past

has a new future in the film industry

A site rich with history – being repurposed – into productive workspaces tailored to the needs of
the film industry and local businesses.

Mill Rooms

Light Manufacturing spaces equipped specifically for set construction & prop creation.


Warehouses for
Gold-Rooms ideal for set dressing, wardrobe
& production kits.


Storage & staging for production trucks, trailers, & support vehicles complete with a service garage and a cleaning stations.

The Back Lot

A versatile outdoor space for film production, base camps, set construction, manufacturing & more.

economic impact

Designated as both Opportunity & HUB Zones, THE YARD will support industry growth with an emphasis on supporting training and jobs for New Mexican film workers.

Million Dollars in Annual Film Industry Production Spending

Years of Film Making in New Mexico

Current Jobs... and Growing


The Yard is located in a historic industrial area in the South Valley of Albuquerque with many restaurants, hotels, and the airport all minutes away.  There is easy access from I-25 with the new freeway exit  making NBC, Netflix and Cinelease Studios minutes away.  At over 19 acres, this site will provide storage, manufacturing, and transportation support… making it an all-in-one place for film production logistics support. 

Our goal is for The Yard to be the go-to hub for the film industry in New Mexico.

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The history of the site goes back to WWII. In 1948, a welding plant was opened by Eidal Manufacturing. Soon, the United States Atomic Energy Commission bought the property and called upon ACF Industries for research, development, and engineering activities. The main mission of ACF was the mechanical fabrication of weapon components as well as assembling the equipment for nuclear propulsion. Some will remember the site had two landmark water towers that stood until1997.

In 1967, the US Air Force came into the picture and the site became known as the secretive Air Force Plant 83. They later began leasing the plant to General Electric Aviation who produced engine parts for the military. In the 70’s they began producing engine parts for commercial airlines as well. By the 80’s, the site was Albuquerque’s biggest industrial employer.

In 1984, GE purchased the plant from the government and continued to manufacture jet-engine components. Over the next 26 years, the site saw production grow and slow, but by 2009 the site announced its closure.

After 13 years of vacancy, new life was brought back to the site as it was purchased and rebranded as The Film Yard. This new development has its eyes set on an infrastructure that will further the growth and stability of the NM film industry. The goal is that this previously active and lucrative site will, once again, bring jobs to many families in the community.  




336 Woodward Rd. SE

Albuqueruqe New Mexico 87102

 (505) 991-5386