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For  albuquerque’s  creatives

Member resources

The ABQ Digital Media HUB will be a first of its kind resource for Albuquerque.  We are here to provide tools for traditional public access producers, students, freelancers & would be professionals.
In addition to production resources we also provide training & internships for individuals wanting to build skills and explore new opportunities.

Cooperative Work Space

a collaborative space featuring classrooms, conference rooms, editing suites, & hang out areas. coming soon: a viewing room and café.


Creating Content is all about collaboration.  It is about finding the expertise and the resources that exist within the community already and really tapping into them and bringing them into one place.


All of the training classes are taught by other members.  Use workshops to expand skills and build your resume.  Members can also access online classes for Free.


Paid and unpaid internships are available to qualified members seeking experience or those looking to expand their resume and build relationsihps.


Our production classes for people of all ages and dual-credit film classes for students teach all aspects of production.  Check out a this video on our Dual-Credit class experience.

Production Spaces

The Hub’s Studio and Production areas perfect for all sorts of Local Productions, Meetings and Events, Film Shoots, & Green Screen projects.

Thousands of New Mexico community producers, non-profits, students and individuals are looking to share their message, grow their skills & pursue opportunities professional and community development.



Non Profits


An Open Front Door into the Industry…

Internships are the answer to a challenge that many would-be professionals face.  Needing experience to get hired when you can’t get hired to gain that experience.  The ABQ Media HUB as an outreach of the Public Access station has internships that place locals onto professional sets where they can, in the span of several months, get the last bit of experience they need to be first in line for new film jobs being created here in New Mexico.

Internships are a pathway
to industry careers

use certifications to compliment
your skills 

Gain Credibility and Confidence…

Certifications not only provide credibility for those seeking opportunities but also continuing education for those wanting to keep their skills sharp.  We work our industry partners to provide training to their next wave of employees.  

Be a creator…  Studios, equipment and resources are at your fingertips.

community partners

Strategic community partners are what makes this project work. We all have to work together to make sure our citizens are reaching their goals and the following partners are a key part of that.

Rick Metz @ uPublic

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